Kill germs without chemicals.

Whether for your home or your business, Tersano provides the safe and effective tools you need to keep your floors and other surfaces sanitized. Tersano dispensers rely on patented Stabilized Aqueous Ozone (SAO) technology, which combines only air, electricity, and water to create a harmless ozone attracted to germs, stains, and bacteria. For more about the science behind the scenes, be sure to check out tersano.com.

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Find the right dispenser for you.

iClean mini

Tersano floor cleaning product

Though the smallest and most affordable dispenser of the three, the iClean mini pulls no punches against harmful bacteria. Its compact size make it a convenient tool for residential surface sanitation.

iClean PRO

Tersano floor cleaning product

Whether for small businesses, classrooms, or health clinics, the iClean PRO provides an affordable business cleaning solution that’s tough on dirt, grime and germs. The iClean PRO helps your customers stay safe.

SAO Dispenser

Tersano cleaner dispenser

The Tersano® wall-mounted SAO Dispenser is a must-have for businesses looking to save on time, cleaning equipment, and natural resources. Add one to your janitorial closet today.

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